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Network Installation Services in Midtown Manhattan, NY

Cost-Effective Network Installations and Management

We are hands-on professionals who design, install, and manage the physical-layer infrastructure for the systems of today and tomorrow. We offer solutions that are tailored for your unique needs, and can help you plan any technical installation you want – from single network cabling structures to fully integrated desktop systems, we’ll have you covered!


When relocating to a new office, minimizing downtime is critical. Moving computer network and PCs presents a special challenge. By carefully removing the existing network structure and re-installing it to fit any new design, New Tech Cabling’s relocation services can reduce the workload on internal staff and ensure that the moving process is completed on time.


Proper wire management will not only reduce your risk and exposure to code violations and building code issues, it will also save you time and money when repair or replacement is necessary. New Tech Cabling’s wire management program will give you an efficient and cost-effective system with measurable return on investment and immediate benefits that is sure to impress any inspector.


An organized and efficient network cable structure is crucial for IT specialists to work effectively. Our design and installation technicians are all certified for cabling infrastructure terminations, testing and cable management, so you can be sure that your office’s network runs smoothly and any repairs are quick and painless.

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