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What are the benefits of organizing your cable network?

It’s easy for computer cabling to get out of control – even at your office desk, disorganized cables can be a problem! So, when it comes to the many tens or even hundreds of servers in a data center, cable management is clearly an important element to get right.

Congested and disorganized cabling can quickly lead to a “spaghetti mess.” Not only is this ugly, but it can be the cause of some serious problems. Here are five reasons you should avoid cabling congestion, and how effective cable management can minimize risk and benefit your data center.

1. Safety

When you own or operate a business, it’s up to you to keep the space up to code and safe for your employees and customers. Effective cable management and organization is essential to managing your physical network structure’s airflow, which helps prevent overheating, fire hazards and even cable breakage that can cause serious issues – or at worst, an outage.

Cables on the ground should be concealed with cord covers, which not only prevent tripping accidents around the workplace, but they also keep valuable cables from being crushed underfoot by pedestrian traffic.

2. Expansion

With the ever-expanding use of real-time events in the digital environment, speed has become ever more critical, and will continue to be so over time. That means you need to have the ability to add to your server stacks quickly and easily in order to keep up with the most up-to-date network infrastructure.

But congested and tangled cabling can make this problematic. A simplified, organized and effective cable management system is an important element of IT infrastructure scalability, and will make future expansion that much easier.

3. Aesthetics

Always remember that first impressions count extra in business! Even if you’re great at what you do, a cluttered and disorganized workspace can give potential business partners the wrong idea. Let’s face it: an office full of messy cables just makes you look bad, so if you’re likely to receive drop-in visits from customers or prospective clients, invest in a cable management solution like surface raceway and put your best foot forward.

Getting cables organized into a proper cable management configuration looks neater and more professional. Additionally, cable management facilitates cleaning. It’s easier to wipe dust off cables you can see from all angles.

5 benefits of keeping your cable network organized

4. Reduce The Risk Of Downtime

Effective cable management allows technicians to simply unplug and plug in cables that are necessary to the action they are taking. Disorganized cables may involve “troubleshooting” steps that really involve determining what is plugged into what before work can begin.

Since you’re often paying by the hour, and all that plugging and unplugging can cause costly downtime and outages, organized cables are really a necessity in any data center environment.

5 benefits of keeping your cable network organized

5. Save Money

TIme is money, and spending time to reorganize and reroute your cable network structure comes at a price. If you’re spending hours untangling a nest of cables and cords each time you expand your data center, those extra expenses will ultimately pile up and hurt your bottom line. 

A structured and standardized physical cable network will make expansion and upgrade projects get completed quicker and more efficiently,  cutting down on your expenses and potentially saving your business thousands of dollars in the long run.

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